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Are our gummies vegan?
No, but they are vegetarian. All ingredients in our Black Seed Oil Gummies are vegan friendly aside from the hint of honey we use for extra flavour!
is it equivalent to the oil?
Yes. All that changes is how you consume it - the daily recommended intake of Black Seed is about 1000mg which is equivalent to either a teaspoon of oil or 2 of our gummies.
What are the ingredients?
One serving of 2 gummies is equal to 1000mg Black Seed Oil and 50mg of Honey.
What is the flavour?
They taste like Blackcurrant.

How to take them and who are they for?

How to take them
We recommend taking between 2 gummies per day. Best consumed in conjunction with a healthy meal.
who are they for?
Our gummies are great for both children and adults, we simply recommend 2 gummies for adults per day and 1 for children.

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